Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let the Insane in me speak out today-
The Child's innocent,
He is 'bout to die.
I'm buried underneath the gravels,
My wings in dirt are clipped.
But,Darkness creeping through the Labyrinth..
The Insane rushing towards the ocean-
To find out the Saint therefrom.
But the "acid" darkens His pale melanin,
Throwing Him far from the Heaven.
I'm staring at my Child-
Yet, the Teardrops are Toxic.

The Insane is freaky,
He is unrest-
To make me dream under "comfort"(!)
He is trying to disarm the Devil,
He is trying to kill The "me" in Him.
'Cause The Deity's Child can't save my Child.
Or, the Devil in me can't feel the aftermath.

He was there into a new World-
Where the new Embryo was lying Dormant.
Today He feels the Smell again,
Revives His Lust for flesh in Pain.
He needs the Child's body again

Or,He needs to feed on Its corpse(?!)

Insects spreading their "Dead-locked"(!) vibes,
Trying to stick to the Soil-
But,the Insane can't feel the Heat-
He's got a striking Foil.
It's too hard to find the way through-
It's too hard to mark a Scratch..
He is desperate today.
'Cause He wanna satisfy my Pleasure..
He wanna keep me in Peace.
'Cause I was so Greedy!
'Cause I was so Selfish!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Nightingale-
You flew far away that night.
Revealed my "Self" to me-
I was cruel,
I was in the daze,
I gaze-
I gaze.....
I see through your opaque glasses-
The snowy Frost covering sunshine,
A white Blanket covering the meadow....

Tik tik tik---
I can hear the clock's ticking,
I can feel my Vital Punk's deeming-
To show me the way -so bright.
I feel so ecstatic..
The Child in me can't advance.
The Fright creeps in,
The Pressure mounts on,
The Soul getting shivered
Still not ready to toil on the "Dark".
You'll feel my Groan,
'Cause I'll feel your Pain-
To heal your Wounds,
And assure my Gain...

A distortion-
Freezing my heart's chamber,
The cavity gets saturated.
I know not-
to have a sip
or not(?!)
The Insane in me is awaken
He's pushing me
to the Hardest floor-so uneven...

O Nightingale
Spread your wings by now.
The Child's waiting for you,
The Sheet's gonna melt down,
And that needs one Touch-
The Warmth of your Love.
Bring in the Spring,
Rekindle the Lights.
'Cause the Child's never gonna die!
'Cause you're never gonna fly!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

See through the door cracks,
You'll find the sky-
White clouds sailing through,
Conveying the message for you,
Color it with my Dusty pigment,
Raise it to my Dark firmament,
Thrive it to knock the Heart-doors-
To make these Eyeballs moist,
To make 'em shower the tear drops.
'Cause they're dried,
'Cause they've left themselves deserted..

Still Doors of Brain are locked,
The Walls of Mind not broken.
Oh Child!
Kill that mighty Devil.
'Cause I wanna throw "Me" out.....

I see my Face in Him,
He kills my Peace in Me,
I piece My "Self" for Him-
To make Him feel so filled.

I don't wanna hurt "Me" again,
Wanna clip these dirty wings of Mine,
Uproot the horny tentacles-
To keep me free...........

O Child!
Fill the "You" in "Me".
'Cause I see You bloom with the Petals of Purity!
'Cause I feel You are my Ore of Innocence!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Child!
The pure and innocent incarnation-
Struggling to explore the pearls out,
Waiting the Night to end.
Frolic "withered"(!) inside,
Battle's hard outside,
He ain't mighty enough-
To fight the toughest barriers out.
Perils outnumber His Feathers of Rejoice-
Soaring through the Darkest firmament.
Clouds condense,
Shower the "Green" ,
Burn the Toxic ash-
to set it ablaze.....

The Child's under His crystal Cloak,
Unveiling the White wings spreading outwards.
It's 'bout to bear the downpour-
Gonna resist His pulmonary blockage,
And to save the Insane in Him-
Turn the white discolored,
Toiling the Cloak to turn it into a "Devil"-ish ash-tray..

I wanna swallow the "Burnt",
Leave my skin "Unburnt".
'Cause I know my Devil's hungry.
'Cause my Intestine's never so "lusty"(!)
I can't be so cruel to Him-
I'm His Father.
I can't love Him.
I can't hate Him.
I have to feed Him.....

The Predator in me has come into Life,
Oh Child!
I can't save you.
On your "rotten"(!) corpse-
I set my party on.
Rebuild a body with your flesh n blood--
That'll resemble my "Will".

And the Cannibal in you will rise up-
To kill the Vital Candle in you!
To heal the Fatal wounds in me!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Angel-
Don't enter the Chamber,
That's toxic.
The "Darkness" will rip your heart out,
Or, keep the dusty blotting with you-
To soak the poisonous spirit.
Never let it creep through your nerves,
Never let it thrive towards your atrium,
It'll extinguish the Lights in you-
To lit the Candle-
burning the Child in you.
The "Crimson" shell will shower the "Red" in you,
The Devil's Green will poison you....

You'll gasp,
You'll try to get out,
But you won't,
'Cause you can't.
Just like me-
Bearing the deadly Demon in me,
Rearing the ugly Child(!) in me,
That's growing inside me,
One day-
It'll break the walls out,
Oh! I can see it-
It's just like me,
My Child,
My offspring..
But I can't love you,
I can't kiss you,
I can't hug you under cozy arms.
'Cause I'm also a Devil's outburst...

Don't dive into this Sink,
The fragrant pallets won't last now anymore.
Fragment lust to lock you behind the door...

'Cause yours is different from mine.
It's full of lights.
It's the Heaven for you..
Or for me(?!)
It's a juvenile Ecstasy..
Don't let this die.
'Cause you're a Deity's offspring!
You're a Fairy's outburst!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I peer through the window,
I see a bluish sea.

I opened this locked door,
The bright sunshine kissed my body,
I rushed to the beach,
I was alone,
I was spellbound,
The aquatic lustre kept me speechless,
The trifles trying to kiss my feet,
Conveying the note
of embracing the skin.
I was mesmerized,
I rushed and swimmed against the waves,
That "alkaline" wonder-a liquid Crystal!
I dived into it,
To neutralize the "acid" in me.

'Cause I was so selfish,
I was so greedy,
I was so needy,
I tried to crack the Green chamber.

Oh!that little Mermaid-
So pure and innocent-
Her twinkling fair Skin glared my eyes,
I tried to touch it-
I was kept dumb,
My hands shivered,
She got scared,
She screamed,
Dived deep into the Crystal,
I couldn't find her anymore,
Then I discovered-
My Skin's burnt,
I am wet with Green droplets,
Showering from Heaven-
Taking me to Hell,
The Crystal's outta sight,
The waves dried up,
Sand gravels buried me underneath,
Green turning Red-
To cover me with the "Crimson"(!)
The sunshine's dimming,
The darkness turning diabolic,
Somebody help me out-
I'm shivering in the frost,
Gimme a warm blanket.

The wall's surrounding me,
The door's locked again,
The window is shut again,
The "Night" creeping through my veins-
I'm left again-
with Lights extinguished...

'Cause I was so selfish,
I was so lazy,
I couldn't apologize,
I am so ugly,
'Cause I'm the Devil's offspring!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Into a membrane,
Beneath the hardest cover,
A stage's there open-
under tents...
Blood pores are open,
Kettle pot's on oven,
But the Roof's still "uneven"(!)
And try not sip the tea.

Reflection's there-
Buried under the flesh,
Gum sticking chairs,
Break it,
Mend it,
It's never gonna crack the plane......

'Cause streams of 'red'-inks have drenched withered leaves;
Feels of "pain" have murdered Wet Peas-
Glimpse of Sunshine shivered afterwards,
And the Red Ice that's just gonna melt down.....(*2)

Groaning Sky yet tries to unveil me-
Throw me into-
The Sink of warm(!) destiny.
I try not to open locked doors.
'Cause I wanna unveil-
the deep n dark "shore".

The shore's there in perils,
The Child is there unsafe,
And the Demon's trying to cut Him into fleshes,
I wanna tear my Father's heart out,
Drink the wine pouring from His poisoned atrium,
Neutralize the "green" in me.

'Cause streams of 'red'-inks have drenched withered leaves;
Feels of "pain" have murdered Wet Peas-
Glimpse of Sunshine shivered afterwards,
And the Red Ice that's just gonna melt down.....(*2)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Staggering along the roadside,
Stepping on my cephalic concord,
Blood drops peeping through my pores'-
I'll throw myself into my "Toxic Bleach"!
look all the flowers bloom-
Reviving the vital punk,
And I'm on its honey-the "money",
A poisoning "coal tar" paving(!) the sunshine'
Galvanizing my "soul"'
I'm left alone into my fatal turbulence--
A "devil"-ish incarnation,
A "peril"-ish hibernation,-
So sick n tired-
Ready to die alone,
I wanna gasp amidst the doldrums,
Wanna quench my thirst-
Wanna relish the shower of blood-
Wanna play with the Devil's downpour,
Wanna drink the green in you'
Wanna take the brown outta me..
I'll b on the fragrant dust,
Fragment the demon in me
in the dusk......
Sleep under my couch,
in the dark.
'Cause I'm so tired
I'll rest on my mother's womb....
An unending lull...
An eternal "betrayal"...

Still I'm alive-
To die by the day,
The light converges,
Illusion shrinks,
To keep me stay alone

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dark patches fabricate.
Expectations superseded,
Still confined!!..

Deep blue firmament kissing the meadow,
A child.....
Still crying!...
Trying to swim across the darkest ocean of
It's getting dark
dark...dark....really dark!!

Where to go......
can't stop.
Waves trifling at supersonic speed;
Echoes murdered,choking the voice,killing the shrill!!!!!!!
Devils engulfing a bare body......
A bare,naked body...
Tender,soft and innocent.....
Into a fatal amalgam,
Insects enjoying the feast.....
And then............
Oh!What's that????????!!!!!!!!!!!

It's calm,quiet.........
No race,
No chaos,
No pain,
Calmness healing the wounds..
The child expects more........
awaiting the bright sunshine....
to bathe.....
O Yeah!!!!
He looks quite dirty!!!
On the shore...

O who is that person????????
Hey man who r u???
"I am your Father..."
"U r my Father????"
The child gets bewildered....
feels the exuberance inside...
holds His hands.....
And then????

Oh No!!!! A sudden push
A sudden denial..
A cruel laughter.......
Ripping its heart out....
And the child is again into the

Darkest abyss
Of perils!
Of devils!
Of pains!
Of strains!
Of shrills...
Of endless miles................

The child is confined!!!!!!!!!....
yessssss!!!.....The child is.....
C O N F I N E D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F O R E V E R!!!!!!!!!!