Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hey creep!
Unveil the face of ferocity..
Uncork this wine of desire..
Sail through the streams of fear,..
And then you scream-
Until you feel,-
You're lost within this mist..
And you cry,
As you try..
To turn 'round n join the feast..
A feast of flesh n the twist of thoughts,
Torment these waves,engulf the "Dark"!
Reap the heart,pull the head off...

A lone conscience toils again,
The leaves in the mist have wept so long,
The flute's pain has suffered alone,
The songbird starts to sing again,
Unvanquished lust creeps in vain!

Holy child of the Insane..
The sign of sorrow crawls off to smile
Hey creep!pull the strings back..
To get your Man underneath your feet,
You smile,
Or you cry,
Step on this soil of solitude,
Knock on the door of hell..
Wish you find the land of Sane!!