Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sequel to Void n Melancholy:War of Lust

A silent stroll through the streets of lust...
The barking hounds pounce on a corpse...
A shower of desire sweeps this dirt..
And I wander around to find a desert..
These withered leaves leave a spot..
Wide open to this adamant pause..
A pause to an endless motion..
A pause to the crawls of delight..
My shadow goes past my vision..
My thoughts smother my conscience,...
O Devil leave this stone unturned..
I want to fly to the sky...
The distant ocean still groans in pain..
It wants me steal in disguise...
The shunshine fades away..
The candle weeps behind...

I am left awaken to find..
A daze in a dream of paradise!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Void n Melancholy

A key to open a door
Locked for years of a child's cry..
The pale canvas of a moist mosaic
Fights itself to paint these dancing colors..
The silent patrol in a weeping desert
Finds its way to a ploy of rigors..
And a straw life liquor,left in the hand
To taste n sip through the waves of dreams..
It's opened the cage for this bird to fly
But the twilight in dust creeps in disguise.
The shattered mind unfolds its wings..
To sail through the clouds in the wide firmament...
The distant ocean starts to groan.....
And the tired legs staggered to the oasis..
The cruel ripples of those dancing devils
Leave a void of endless fear.....

I'm left alone in the daze...
To swallow the pills of sleeping despair!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Left with a stick to hold in his hands..
The old man lies on the floor..
Struggling to see through the window..
It's a chamber of dream
with its fright becoming a delight..
A delight-
of weeping vengeance
A delight-
of illusive fragrance.
And,the old man-
Ready to taste this straw wine...
Ready to find the way to salvation
amidst the dust..
Killing the lust..

One day the doors rattle,
This heavenly silence,vanquished...
That deadly clamour creeps through.
The old man can stand up...
Open up his eyes...
But he gasps...
starts sweating out...
sweat his fright out,
sweat his delight out...

And,the grey paradise goes on alluring his eyes..
Reaping a soul out of disguise...
He rubbed his tears off..
but with a palm that is too dusty to cleanse..
The heavenly hell is left behind...
He's onto a new destination....
An ode to captive redemption!!