Sunday, November 16, 2008

I peer through the window,
I see a bluish sea.

I opened this locked door,
The bright sunshine kissed my body,
I rushed to the beach,
I was alone,
I was spellbound,
The aquatic lustre kept me speechless,
The trifles trying to kiss my feet,
Conveying the note
of embracing the skin.
I was mesmerized,
I rushed and swimmed against the waves,
That "alkaline" wonder-a liquid Crystal!
I dived into it,
To neutralize the "acid" in me.

'Cause I was so selfish,
I was so greedy,
I was so needy,
I tried to crack the Green chamber.

Oh!that little Mermaid-
So pure and innocent-
Her twinkling fair Skin glared my eyes,
I tried to touch it-
I was kept dumb,
My hands shivered,
She got scared,
She screamed,
Dived deep into the Crystal,
I couldn't find her anymore,
Then I discovered-
My Skin's burnt,
I am wet with Green droplets,
Showering from Heaven-
Taking me to Hell,
The Crystal's outta sight,
The waves dried up,
Sand gravels buried me underneath,
Green turning Red-
To cover me with the "Crimson"(!)
The sunshine's dimming,
The darkness turning diabolic,
Somebody help me out-
I'm shivering in the frost,
Gimme a warm blanket.

The wall's surrounding me,
The door's locked again,
The window is shut again,
The "Night" creeping through my veins-
I'm left again-
with Lights extinguished...

'Cause I was so selfish,
I was so lazy,
I couldn't apologize,
I am so ugly,
'Cause I'm the Devil's offspring!!!

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