Thursday, November 13, 2008

Staggering along the roadside,
Stepping on my cephalic concord,
Blood drops peeping through my pores'-
I'll throw myself into my "Toxic Bleach"!
look all the flowers bloom-
Reviving the vital punk,
And I'm on its honey-the "money",
A poisoning "coal tar" paving(!) the sunshine'
Galvanizing my "soul"'
I'm left alone into my fatal turbulence--
A "devil"-ish incarnation,
A "peril"-ish hibernation,-
So sick n tired-
Ready to die alone,
I wanna gasp amidst the doldrums,
Wanna quench my thirst-
Wanna relish the shower of blood-
Wanna play with the Devil's downpour,
Wanna drink the green in you'
Wanna take the brown outta me..
I'll b on the fragrant dust,
Fragment the demon in me
in the dusk......
Sleep under my couch,
in the dark.
'Cause I'm so tired
I'll rest on my mother's womb....
An unending lull...
An eternal "betrayal"...

Still I'm alive-
To die by the day,
The light converges,
Illusion shrinks,
To keep me stay alone

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