Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paula's Lullaby

Wading through the waves of your seething thoughts
Waving back to receding woes of all sorts
High atop the hills awaits my weeping conscience
Deep beneath the seas...one dissipating resistance..

Beyond these incessant rains..
It's the same old living hell.
Eyes of lies vie for something to tell....
One eye shivers, while other restrains...

Like all your embellished dreams
Weaving a tapestry of broken colors
Sunken eyes strive to starve at midnight-
To see the mind-clock ticking making cold jeers-
At your tears while your fears fight....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Is This the Face of a Rat?"

Sordid six colored spectrum tinkering with gray whores..
Chocolate dream unveiling swooning scarlet..
Sonorous hymn and screaming six strings...
Deep purple lying catatonic with swirling dust of seething dusk....
Surge of sunken thoughts swiveled into blue horizon..

Desolate eyeballs moist with straw colored spirit of pungent odor
Streaks of freaking colors-
Rejuvenated with disintegrating shells off skeptic skeleton...

Scrape the zest off salted lemon..
Burn the flesh of green tinted salmon..
Pleasure to displease and desires to summon..
Words play their luck in this weird backgammon....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Morning Compartment

Ashes and brown, your swirling purple gown
Velvet dreams of scarlet screams
Savoring cigarette whores and chocolate lovers
Fretting on one floor
Thoughts sail ashore
Quivering red beneath violent violet streams...

Love birds and hate scarecrow
Gray avenue of lust
Frail fantasies of your warmth on bereaved shoulder
Starving life and striving death
Double-coated on Paris wall..sordid silver...

Indigo white spurts off phallic delusions
Teeming with tiny motile possessions
Ink soaked, words blur..
Swords die and colors shiver..
I wake up to find me-
Squirting alone....