Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Angel-
Don't enter the Chamber,
That's toxic.
The "Darkness" will rip your heart out,
Or, keep the dusty blotting with you-
To soak the poisonous spirit.
Never let it creep through your nerves,
Never let it thrive towards your atrium,
It'll extinguish the Lights in you-
To lit the Candle-
burning the Child in you.
The "Crimson" shell will shower the "Red" in you,
The Devil's Green will poison you....

You'll gasp,
You'll try to get out,
But you won't,
'Cause you can't.
Just like me-
Bearing the deadly Demon in me,
Rearing the ugly Child(!) in me,
That's growing inside me,
One day-
It'll break the walls out,
Oh! I can see it-
It's just like me,
My Child,
My offspring..
But I can't love you,
I can't kiss you,
I can't hug you under cozy arms.
'Cause I'm also a Devil's outburst...

Don't dive into this Sink,
The fragrant pallets won't last now anymore.
Fragment lust to lock you behind the door...

'Cause yours is different from mine.
It's full of lights.
It's the Heaven for you..
Or for me(?!)
It's a juvenile Ecstasy..
Don't let this die.
'Cause you're a Deity's offspring!
You're a Fairy's outburst!!

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