Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Body and Mind

I see the ripples in turbid streams
Seething beneath the umbrella-green.
Grins my mind in mellow sun-beam
Lilly beams.

My youthful umbrella-green..

Its mild tremor in afternoon-haze
Paints a skinny shiver of my daze
As its lousy abdomen boldly conceives
Swirling turbid of dusk and haze.
Like dreams passing by
Like grim cloud-lets floating sporadically
In somber gray sky.

As I drool over salted jujubes and taste the high..

And lone as a dying soldier,
My squeamish torso wistfully shivers,
The twilight breeze gently whispers
Kissing my kiddish lips that quiver.

The morning-sparrow-chirps soar high and high..

My visions keep slithering in somber gray sky..

Deep beneath, wails the turbid womb-
A cradle of lies..
Purple flies...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The first thing that comes to my mind
Oh! That's something upside down
And that something is my lovely spouse.
Wish she had her curly hair cut down
To the size of her pubic average. And my
Licking tongue'd dance with its hungry ptyalin.
Anyway! But she dressed up like a
Little fairy. Long gown. Though in my naked
Tub with the naughty showers, the coy squirts
Off the cleaved phallus couldn't make me
Undress her..My spouse..My muse..Anyway!
The clean shower was of no use. And the
Muscle slacked, while the hungry pouch
Puked with oblivion-white and that sticky..
Something...Whatever..That wasn't her anyway.
That's but the gown that folds itself
To hide her from my foul smelling
Teeth..The tiny pillars of my wolf-lust.
Mistrust. Anyway!
She was upside down..
As I struggled to reach 'her' puberty.
Anyway! But that's true. And mind you little wolves-
It was double-orgasm. And she had no underwear!

Now no muck up please...