Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Diving deep into an ocean of tormented turbulence..
Swimming past the waves of ferocity...
A lonely mind finds the joy underneath..
The call of pride fills a conscience of constant conflicts...
And an indrawn breath relives the insanity..

The vanity of intellect still snarls at a mind..
The mind gasps and tries to find...
words that echo the ecstasy of waves...
And the waves recede the shore of sanity...

Monday, January 11, 2010


(This is another song written by me)
Now I look into the skies,
I find u take on pride..
to mould the mind of "mine"..
And she dares pour this wine..
It's a clarity that we fall apart,
with our dancing dream of dying..
through a gentle breeze of memories
with a soul-it's full of lies!

And then I stare down the streams,
I find ploys of screams..
And the line of lust recedes..
And images placing a peace..
And the drenched woes drift through my vanity
Leave a mind in a mess of "mine"..
Weaving pledges of shattered sanctity
with a vision-it's (a) void of lies!