Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Giant Leap

To my utter surprise, I found a line of division between the two phases of the metamorphosis of an ignorant mind... a mind that was once a reality with nascent thoughts and blooming emotions, a mind that is today wallowing in the dreams of crawling premonition of mellow affection. Trifles of joy showered on it the bliss of intellect, curves of conflict marked on it the wounds of impatience. So, it started its journey from surface to the soul underneath,yet it ends up being dumped by the tender ferocity.
Life chuckles at this sight, savoring a subtle taste of pride; death roars at it and engulfs the crude proposition to "rule and then divide".

Now that my thoughts tickle this contempt of the man in me, the mind frees itself to a buoyant ecstasy.

And,I'm right on to an ode to a superficial entity...
A giant leap from rhythm to symmetry...

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Figures of freedom amidst a divine delusion,-
Effervescing expectation of ruling revolts,-
They spread out the cheers to a juvenile passion,-
and free myself in a spinning motion.

A motion where parameters diverge to create-
The field of ignorance and dying beliefs.
Where instincts insist and desires defy-
revealed rules and exuberant emotions.

Circles of conflict and crawling pretence,-
They tumble 'round the streaks of sorrow.
Colors of joy and ashes of love,-
They define themselves and starve to swallow-
gray intellect and burning possession!

This rhythm,interwoven with implication-
of growing lust and converging complication.