Thursday, November 20, 2008

See through the door cracks,
You'll find the sky-
White clouds sailing through,
Conveying the message for you,
Color it with my Dusty pigment,
Raise it to my Dark firmament,
Thrive it to knock the Heart-doors-
To make these Eyeballs moist,
To make 'em shower the tear drops.
'Cause they're dried,
'Cause they've left themselves deserted..

Still Doors of Brain are locked,
The Walls of Mind not broken.
Oh Child!
Kill that mighty Devil.
'Cause I wanna throw "Me" out.....

I see my Face in Him,
He kills my Peace in Me,
I piece My "Self" for Him-
To make Him feel so filled.

I don't wanna hurt "Me" again,
Wanna clip these dirty wings of Mine,
Uproot the horny tentacles-
To keep me free...........

O Child!
Fill the "You" in "Me".
'Cause I see You bloom with the Petals of Purity!
'Cause I feel You are my Ore of Innocence!!

1 comment:

Nivedita KAYAL said...

"me" word take khub odbhut bhabe present korecho...but...i liked it!