Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let the Insane in me speak out today-
The Child's innocent,
He is 'bout to die.
I'm buried underneath the gravels,
My wings in dirt are clipped.
But,Darkness creeping through the Labyrinth..
The Insane rushing towards the ocean-
To find out the Saint therefrom.
But the "acid" darkens His pale melanin,
Throwing Him far from the Heaven.
I'm staring at my Child-
Yet, the Teardrops are Toxic.

The Insane is freaky,
He is unrest-
To make me dream under "comfort"(!)
He is trying to disarm the Devil,
He is trying to kill The "me" in Him.
'Cause The Deity's Child can't save my Child.
Or, the Devil in me can't feel the aftermath.

He was there into a new World-
Where the new Embryo was lying Dormant.
Today He feels the Smell again,
Revives His Lust for flesh in Pain.
He needs the Child's body again

Or,He needs to feed on Its corpse(?!)

Insects spreading their "Dead-locked"(!) vibes,
Trying to stick to the Soil-
But,the Insane can't feel the Heat-
He's got a striking Foil.
It's too hard to find the way through-
It's too hard to mark a Scratch..
He is desperate today.
'Cause He wanna satisfy my Pleasure..
He wanna keep me in Peace.
'Cause I was so Greedy!
'Cause I was so Selfish!!

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