Friday, November 21, 2008

The Nightingale-
You flew far away that night.
Revealed my "Self" to me-
I was cruel,
I was in the daze,
I gaze-
I gaze.....
I see through your opaque glasses-
The snowy Frost covering sunshine,
A white Blanket covering the meadow....

Tik tik tik---
I can hear the clock's ticking,
I can feel my Vital Punk's deeming-
To show me the way -so bright.
I feel so ecstatic..
The Child in me can't advance.
The Fright creeps in,
The Pressure mounts on,
The Soul getting shivered
Still not ready to toil on the "Dark".
You'll feel my Groan,
'Cause I'll feel your Pain-
To heal your Wounds,
And assure my Gain...

A distortion-
Freezing my heart's chamber,
The cavity gets saturated.
I know not-
to have a sip
or not(?!)
The Insane in me is awaken
He's pushing me
to the Hardest floor-so uneven...

O Nightingale
Spread your wings by now.
The Child's waiting for you,
The Sheet's gonna melt down,
And that needs one Touch-
The Warmth of your Love.
Bring in the Spring,
Rekindle the Lights.
'Cause the Child's never gonna die!
'Cause you're never gonna fly!!