Saturday, October 31, 2009

Search for the Heaven

(This is the lyrics of one of the few songs I have written of late..check this out n lemme know if u like it or not)

Self assured,
I am searching for my heaven.
I am living in a dark,
I am walking down the grey lane.
Down this boulevard
that weeps in peace n tells..
Yes,I am in the hell,
n I am holy child o' insane..

Through my tears,
I feel I am on a voyage.
I have to sail..
Till these lonely tears can moisten
my dreams-
I am hoping you will see..
O insane..
You are peeping through the glimpse.

O holy child,
My thoughts are not driven
by my soul,
She leaves her pain again.

Yes I am living in the dark,
I am holy child o' insane..
n I am self assured....
I am searching for my heaven!!(chorus)

Friday, October 9, 2009


My dreams- they sail through a sky,
In a quest of the tender sunshine..
A blind conscience cries for a smile..
And a bruised body awaits a satisfaction..

A soul snarls and questions,
And vies for a piece..
And a love patrols
With the purple blotch of illusion..

A heart paints the colors of lust..
Casting an eye of sarcasm..
And there, the brain-door ajar..
With the passage of beam of healing intellect...

Still the petals get withered..
An eye of affection smiles behind..
I walk alone
In the Twilight of Salvation.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Through the darkest shadow in the street..
I walk past the bungalow...
I hear the cry of a child...
I lift my eyebrow...
I stare at the mist to find...
I pause for a while..
I nodded,..
I started again...
Walking silently to reach a point..
Ready to evade such sudden onslaught..
Like the child's cry....
Yes,I am on to a journey to the very end...
Trifle of tears can not moisten a contempt...
The songbirds start to sing...
And a lonely heart,ready to vie for a feast of flesh...
I heard the melancholy of the flute...
The piper silently strolls and plays......
But I dare not look back...
I can not let 'em pull the rug
From under these feet..
The lane of lust isn't far away..
A high incidence of desire on a mind..
A brothel of beasts awaits a human..
But still my mind not ready to cease...
Weaving its lust to get to the feast...
I stagger along the street..
And I can not cease...
Still I dream of a feat....
The deep incisions interwoven with scars of fear..
And I peer..
Through the hole of sorrow...
Through the beam of my joy....
But I have to sleep..
'Cause the journey isn't o'er..
And I'm the Eternity of Ecstasy!!