Sunday, January 2, 2011

Before the Final Demise..

And as the sun will greet me tomorrow morning
The sparrows chirping, the songbirds tweeting
To the tune of hope and dove-white love
And little fears catapulted out into the cold planets
And every single creature bears the child of one universe
The mask you wear may not be that diverse
And the plowman plows
Or a professor preaches
Or a sparrow chirps
And the flower blooms
All to the cadence of a sublime verse..

And the clasp of reality gently frees the ball of fire
Against the gravity of ignorance,
Where our thoughts will buoy its wisdom within
And the merry masks will exude the cheers of happiness
And little cloud-lets will bring the shower of peace.

Time is no dream, dream is no imagination
But time may be the poet's reverie.
Let tomorrow bring with it-
The joy of morning dreams..
And no more midnight screams...