Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Child!
The pure and innocent incarnation-
Struggling to explore the pearls out,
Waiting the Night to end.
Frolic "withered"(!) inside,
Battle's hard outside,
He ain't mighty enough-
To fight the toughest barriers out.
Perils outnumber His Feathers of Rejoice-
Soaring through the Darkest firmament.
Clouds condense,
Shower the "Green" ,
Burn the Toxic ash-
to set it ablaze.....

The Child's under His crystal Cloak,
Unveiling the White wings spreading outwards.
It's 'bout to bear the downpour-
Gonna resist His pulmonary blockage,
And to save the Insane in Him-
Turn the white discolored,
Toiling the Cloak to turn it into a "Devil"-ish ash-tray..

I wanna swallow the "Burnt",
Leave my skin "Unburnt".
'Cause I know my Devil's hungry.
'Cause my Intestine's never so "lusty"(!)
I can't be so cruel to Him-
I'm His Father.
I can't love Him.
I can't hate Him.
I have to feed Him.....

The Predator in me has come into Life,
Oh Child!
I can't save you.
On your "rotten"(!) corpse-
I set my party on.
Rebuild a body with your flesh n blood--
That'll resemble my "Will".

And the Cannibal in you will rise up-
To kill the Vital Candle in you!
To heal the Fatal wounds in me!!

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