Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frail and Concrete

Beguiling despair has painted saffron on blue tinted royalty
And the red weeps at the smiling toddlers
Running across the busy street.

Oh! the wicked cab
that swallows the young bud..
and reflects the old stud who shines....
And the kids-
falter with a raving gentle thud...

Sister cries while Mrs. whines
And steals the glittering-
Golden ear-ring...
Some hundred woes fleet,
and some thousand woes they greet....

And over the years
Thin limbs shrink
The abdomen swells
The eyes blink
And the cab shrieks...


Empty pail full of lies and stale rice of yesterday morning
Brewing with stench and squalor-
That lives within a mother's frowning
And a father lives his tiny life
On a crazy ride
On some malodorous toxic liquor....


Dutiful beer right at its place
To satiate the bulging adipose
And the whore's ear-ring kisses the Mister's
As the Mrs squirts......


The mighty takes
An unassailable lead...
As the black tinted words have begun weeping..

We are all..



Claudia said...

i liked the
..Beguiling despair has painted saffron on blue tinted royalty..

dustus said...

enjoyed your creative take on the photo. A great deal expressed through your lines, presenting an array of imagery to go with your statement. cheers

Kodjo Deynoo said...

I enjoyed reading your poem as well, you draw a picture with your words

Glynn said...

It's a symphone of despair. And do we listen or do we try to change the music? Really like this.

Adam White - Poet said...

Great take on the photo. Loved it. Very rich imagery

Chris G. said...

A good array of imagery, very striking, in conjunction with the prompt - it captures it, in all the despairing nature of the thought. Potent stuff - nice work.

Reflections said...

Images are very striking, pulling the reader where they may not want to follow, eyes open to the squalor of yesterdays.

moondustwriter said...

I love the sounds I hear in this piece and the last word is so apropos - Listening

if only we did

Thanks for the One Shoot

moon Smiles

M.L. Gallagher said...

"Empty pail full of lies and stale rice of yesterday morning"

wow -- this whole poem is powerful

And are we? All listening?


Great take on the photo.

Aquarius63 said...

Great write, full of vivid imagery and emotion.


Sayandeep Kundu said...

Thanks a lot friends. :)
Love and Regards~ Sayandeep

Anonymous said...

it is everywhere
this care held back
to be seen by man
every closed heart
a quiet whisper
of Love

Sayandeep Kundu said...

@ Nance marie
I am so touched nancie..
Thank you so very much
Love and Regards~ Sayandeep

Tess Kincaid said...

Raw and tragic. Well done.

Kristen Haskell said...

What would it be like if all was the exact opposite? Your tale is very sad but beautifully expressed.

Jingle said...

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chiccoreal said...

Dear TAS: I'm feeling a gloomy sensibility; a long-suffering moodiness which reflects the romantic poet's heavy heart. As who else shall don an artist's heavy mantel of authenticity "as it is" philosophy? Words flow well and amply formed within the stark realism, the film noir drama. Gives much insight into the plight of the poor,yet offers no help or hand up; thus very doombastic! Powerful.

Jingle Poetry said...

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How are you?

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Kavita said...

Vivdi.. and very moving! Your amazing wordplay has cast a bright light upon this grey world.. it's stunning really!

Anonymous said...

this was powerful. it sounded like an abstract painting of poverty- social or moral.