Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I see a place...
where I am fated with my misfortune.
I dream of a space...
where I can find a divine destiny...
But the evil's mind won't open his door-
To step forward to a goal of mistrust.
I can't find the candle of wisdom today..
Although I am into the light.
Even through the darkest corner of my dream
A silent patrol of barking hounds makes me scared...
The ferocity bites me deep into my core..
And the violent rush makes me tired.

A rush to the seashore..
A rush to search for the pearls..
A journey through ups and downs..
A journey from the Grey to the White.

And,at the end of the day-
I can not make out what I can,
and I can what I can not...

Hey listen!!!!
It's all 'bout solving the puzzles;
It's all 'bout toiling on the Light.
'Cause you are not the Boon of Darkness today...
You can't cherish that evil taste...
You can't relish the flavour by now....

'Cause,you are a Saint's Agony!!!!!

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