Friday, July 2, 2010

Sonnet of the Solipsist

Let my thoughts gaze at my humble refuge-
Warm as her tender embrace in my dreams.
From far off the seas of sublime rage,
I color this world, while my logic beams.
Like harsh zephyr of her sly mysteries,
Senses recall the shackles of instinct.
Like the paradox of life-reveries,
Her cries tickle one old love- so succinct.
A queer silence of weeping enigma,
And I search for some cold purple marvels.
Mystic ties of endless lust- one stigma,-
Like one black ink smearing fuming rambles.
My world unfolds its primeval conflict,-
From lure to love, from life to being extinct.

1 comment:

A.Arindam said...

Well all I can say about this poem is that it is great piece, an absolute delight to read...You really write well...all the poems I have read till now are good and this being the best of the lot. I truly loved this