Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jeer Jingle

Scarlet stains sway above
Up in the sky, where birds fly
To wave a bard back home.

Flowers bloom, amidst green womb-
His rejuvenated youth...

Shines a pearl in eyes
Its color creeps in her lies-
Male order- malodorous...

Rummaging about this life
Where's peace-disillusioned love?

Cryptic thoughts galore
Teeming in a void of joy
Fill in his world of pride.

Endless gibberish...fades ink
Tangle of signs, heaving sigh.

Cups full of liquor
Pour stale brown-a wet conscience...
One sisterly hug.

Burning ashes, swirling gray
Remind him of father's cry.

Wistful philander
Romancing another girl...
Tinge of doleful smile.

Happy glass, queen images-
Her sweet past, sweetened future.

Happy tunes of mind
Drift past ecstatic purple...
Toxic sublime.

Jubilant Beatles, fey Floyd
Swiveling into blue Hendrix.

Empty glass, forlorn ice-cubes...

Straw or brown
Ink and paper.....


Anonymous said...

Wow!! The effect of alcohol, combined with a few stray memories and loose threads, and the result is quite unfathomable! Well, at least that's how I interpreted this one..

And then, when it's time to refill, what's really left behind are a bunch of shredded hope and gore!
So well expressed in this piece here... It was a very captivating read...

Sayandeep Kundu said...

hey thanks for appreciating this piece of weird poetry.. :) true...instincts are just the ephemeral bubbles on eternal ocean of life and intoxication is like that swirling grey smoke off one burning cigarette..unfathomable as you said it.. :)

Jingle said...

divine piece,
I hear the sound and music from your word flow.
outstanding poetry.

Jingle Poetry said...

signed in to follow your blog,
welcome follow us back.
enjoy a lovely day.


TALON said...

What a poem of disillusionment. So well written...wrapping up regret and pouring it on the page.

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