Monday, December 28, 2009

Sequel to Gift of Gaze:Fall of Fame

It's another ploy of prosperity..
The glare of joy transcends tranquility..
The flame of fear recedes the shore..
And the gift of gaze flew alone..

I aim at winning the woes..
I can not help my trembling toes...
I wish I could reach the sky-
to make my dream fly so high..

Soon the joy kissed my fate..
Soon the ploy plays alone..
The lure and lust lament again
The fall of fame flees in pain..

May be this rhythm is all for none..
May be the words won't weave any thought..
Still I find I am in a place,-
Where people struggled to live,and fought...

There the glare laughs loud...
The grief of glory feels so proud..
So I start rhyming again..
Toiling n weeping in my tender garden!!

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Quintessence Of Illusion said...

hmmm...........the sudden change of emotions.......mindset....shows....with emotions coming alive...with animated expressions.....a wonderful post brimming with optimism.......