Thursday, April 2, 2009

The white dove sailing through the sky,
My mind ends up crawling through the door of heaven..
I was busy with my works to complete..
to accomplish an evil endeavour..

But then a glimpse of hope beamed upon my shoulder..
A glare dazzled my eyes..
It was a force of ecstasy..
A dream without fantasy...

I looked to my left...
My thoughts were on the rise...
But the feelings darkened the sea of emotions..
A love wandered,puzzled..

But things are not upside down today..
It's left me firm on my feet..
I am the gift of an insane..
A weaver of pledges divine..
The sunshine's shown me the way ..
And the horizon is peeping through the windows..
I am left awaken
within my dreams of comfort...

The white dove has found her destiny..
And I've reached the bay....
I've found the new way.

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