Monday, November 29, 2010

Blooming...Through a Child's Eye

As it seeks the warmth off bright vermilion
Little bud begins to bloom...
A transparent curtain drops
As the starving pupil learns-
to read Your vision.
And into its tiny world, intrudes Your universe
Sweetened with luke warm milk,
Glossy with lazy silk,
Red with Autumn rose,
Cozy with granny's prose,
Mystic with fairy tales,
Glittering with silver vales...

And the little lies vie-
for a neverland
in the vision of that old child...

Tiny droplets of crystal tears-
Coalesce into sublime azure
Where fairies sprinkle mad showers
of jubilant rains,
Purple-tinted with blooming pains...
Receding lanes....
And the sailor sails through-
Trillions of tiny waves
of VIBGYOR dreams,
As the fearful voyage through the crimson white
Harbors at Your glowing black.....

The little bud finally blooms
into a thorny red
Autumn Rose....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frail and Concrete

Beguiling despair has painted saffron on blue tinted royalty
And the red weeps at the smiling toddlers
Running across the busy street.

Oh! the wicked cab
that swallows the young bud..
and reflects the old stud who shines....
And the kids-
falter with a raving gentle thud...

Sister cries while Mrs. whines
And steals the glittering-
Golden ear-ring...
Some hundred woes fleet,
and some thousand woes they greet....

And over the years
Thin limbs shrink
The abdomen swells
The eyes blink
And the cab shrieks...


Empty pail full of lies and stale rice of yesterday morning
Brewing with stench and squalor-
That lives within a mother's frowning
And a father lives his tiny life
On a crazy ride
On some malodorous toxic liquor....


Dutiful beer right at its place
To satiate the bulging adipose
And the whore's ear-ring kisses the Mister's
As the Mrs squirts......


The mighty takes
An unassailable lead...
As the black tinted words have begun weeping..

We are all..


Friday, November 26, 2010


I could not stand the undue rains
I could not stand the naked vales
I could not stand the tyrant clouds
As I can not stand my silver stains....

I saw the smile rising in her eyes
As the lousy night sets in her lies,
And the dawn peeps through my starving pupil
As the crystal night spilled off her cries.....

I could not stare at blinking stars
I could not think of saffron Mars
I could not gaze at glowing acacia
As I can not squint into needle-scars.

I searched and found the lure of apple
As the lofty air tossed the maple.
And the morning breeze whispered into the ears,
As the crystal night turned into the tears....

I peer through the twilight glasses
I tear apart the empty masses
I fear the night of fighting streets
As the rising shadow faintly greets...

Out there in the middle weeps the sun
The winking moon's about to shun-
The purple lore and midnight whore...

As the fire in the night sails ashore......

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weeping Bot

Words eclipsed by the tumult of thoughts..
Beauty eclipsed by the smeared glasses..
Off its shadowy halo-
Purple whispers the butterfly-songs
As the feigned innocence is about to rot....
Let not the smile seethe beneath
As my squirming torso frets on the cot....